MPB Panel

StyleLite Standard Panels

Regular StyleLite panels, suitable for a range of general purpose applications. Uses premium quality moisture-resistant MDF, rated to formaldehyde emissions standard E0 or TSCA TITLE VI. Perfect for kitchen and vanity doors and panels, furniture, hinged wardrobe doors, and general cabinetry. Double sided and single sided options available in both TruGloss and TruMatte.

Ply Panel

StyleLite Lightweight Plywood Panels

Lightweight panels, perfect for when weight is a consideration. Uses high quality lightweight plywood. Great for interior fitout for caravans and RVs – from furniture and kitchen cabinetry, to vanity doors and panels. Available in both TruGloss and TruMatte.

Pane Onlyl

StyleLite Sheet

StyleLite Sheet is manufactured from high quality acrylic-capped ABS, and features reverse-side treatment for superior bonding performance. StyleLite Sheet is provided ready for manual or machine lamination onto a variety of substrates.

Product Substrate Sheet Size (nom) Region Weight Finish
Standard Panels MR MDF E0 8' × 4' × 3/4" Global 320.0341 lb/ft2 TruGloss and TruMatte
MR MDF E0 10' × 4' × 3/4" Global 2.7681lbs/ft2 TruGloss and TruMatte
Lightweight Plywood Panels † Lightweight Plywood 8' × 4' × 9/16" Global 1.4 lbs/ft2 TruGloss and TruMatte
Lightweight Plywood 8' × 4' × 11/16" Global 1.640 lbs/ft2 TruGloss and TruMatte
StyleLite Sheet (For laminators use only) StyleLite Sheet 8.25' × 4.35' x 1/32" Global 0.221 lbs/ft2 TruGloss
StyleLite Sheet 10'× 4.3' × x 1/32" Global 0.2210 lbs/ft2 TruGloss
StyleLite Sheet 8.08' × 4.35 × 1/32" Global 0.176 lbs/ft2 TruMatte
StyleLite Sheet 10.07' × 4.35' × 1/32" Global 0.176 lbs/ft2 TruMatte

The Environment

StyleLite offers significant environmental advantages compared with other cabinetry surfaces. What's more, StyleLite panels are an inert material, and don't release any emissions to the environment during manufacture or use.

ABS Recycling
Quality 9001

None of the colour pigments used in StyleLite contain heavy metals, such as lead or cadmium. StyleLite is also highly recyclable - making it the best choice for modern, eco-friendly interiors.

Edge Finishing

All StyleLite compatible Edge Band is of premium quality and offer high resistance to heat, abrasion, impact and colour fade.

StyleLite Edge Band is available in two options - Pre-primed and Fusion. For full details, refer to the Installation and Specifications Guide, available on, or talk to your local distributor.

Design Guidelines

This product is highly versitile, however specifically designed for use in vertical surface applications only StyleLite is not designed or warranted for structural applications. Heat assisted forming / bending of the sheet must be performed in accordance with the StyleLite install and specifications guide.

Guaranteed Quality

StyleLite Panels are created by laminating StyleLite Acrylic Sheet front and back to a variety of substrates using our premier polyurethane (PUR) hot melt bonding system. This system produces a ripplefree finish that is highly resistant to heat, moisture and environmental change over time.

EGR Decor production facilities are recognised for achieving ISO9001 Quality Management certification for their consistent performance and quality systems.

Care & Maintenance

StyleLite products can be cleaned simply using wet microfiber cloth or chamois with non-abrasive soap.

TruGloss’s ultra high gloss finish provides a mirror like appearance which can be refinished using a good quality liquid polish. (Pencil Hardness 4H).

TruMatte’s smooth, untextured finish provides increase scratch resistance over the gloss surfaces and is highly fingerprint resistant. (Pencil Hardness 6-7H)